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CAHR 2023: Interview videos with leaders in Canada’s response to HIV

Every year the Canadian Association for HIV Research (CAHR) organizes Canada’s leading HIV research conference, where researchers, service providers, people living with HIV, policy-makers and advocates come together to exchange knowledge, share their work and learn about advances in HIV research. CATIE attended CAHR 2023 in Quebec City to tap into the latest discussions and debates in Canada’s HIV response. Learn more about what people were saying at the conference in the videos below. Canada’s progress on its HIV targets CATIE caught up with leaders in Canada’s response to HIV and asked them how Canada performed on its 2020 targets...

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Stigma and hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is often impacted by significant social stigma, affecting marginalized groups including people with lived experience of drug use and imprisonment, as well as Indigenous communities. Stigma arises when negative attitudes, beliefs and stereotypes are held by individuals or society towards a particular group. This leads to discrimination, marginalization, as well as negative social and health outcomes for stigmatized groups or individuals. People who use drugs and hepatitis C People who use drugs, particularly through injection, are at a higher risk of contracting hepatitis C through sharing needles and other drug use equipment. However, the stigma associated with drug...

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Spotting and the Good Samaritan Act: Implications and considerations

“Good Samaritan” laws aim to protect people who witness, act on or experience a substance-use-related overdose from being arrested or criminally charged. This type of legislation has been implemented across Canada and the United States as a response to the increase in fatal drug poisonings, but it varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

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