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Navigating the sixth wave of COVID-19 as a person living with HIV

As a person living with HIV, I receive regular calls and messages from my peers with COVID-19 questions: “When I visit my family, should I wear a mask?” “Should I get a fourth shot, and when?” “How can mask mandates be lifted when we are in a sixth wave?”.

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Do people with HIV need an additional COVID-19 vaccine dose?

As provinces across Canada begin to roll out third doses of COVID-19 vaccines, information about who qualifies for additional or booster doses is coming at us faster than you can say immunocompromised. But are we immunocompromised? Do we need a booster or a third dose? Is there a difference? Where can we find information tailored for people living with HIV?

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Making health equity a priority: Ensuring secure and dignified access to COVID-19 vaccines

It is estimated that there are up to 500,000 undocumented residents in Canada, many of whom are Ontario residents. Many of these individuals are our neighbours, colleagues, friends, childcare providers and essential workers, including healthcare heroes working the front lines. They are valuable members of our society who contribute in various ways including, but not limited to, paying taxes, maintaining our food supply, taking care of our children and elderly and supporting our healthcare system. Despite Toronto being named a sanctuary city, we live in a city and province that continues to exclude migrants and undocumented residents from many basic...

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